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Friday, 31 December 2010

J.J. Abrams SUPERMAN suit designs

After the Tim Burton Superman designs come concept art from the failed J.J. Abrams version of the Man of Steel. The suit looks pretty standard all that's missing is his trunks which seems to be the mission of everyone who's drawn big blue since the nighties to get rid of, LEAVE THE UNDERWEAR ALONE. The trunks over the tights has it's origins in the uniforms worn by circus strong men so where a natural fit (I thank you) as inspiration for the young artists of the 1930's who created the first superheros.Since the nineties however superhero comics have been infected with the buzz words "DARK" and "EDGY" and an never ending obsession with putting men in tights in the "real world" (arguably the real legacy of the Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen). Say what you want about Bryan Singer's hopelessly flawed Superman Returns but at least they stayed faithful to his costume trunks and all (although they didn't include the yellow symbol on his cape which strangely was always one of my favorite details of any superhero costume.)

Click here to read the article that featured a review of a leaked script and supposedly put the skids on Abrams plans for the last Son of Krypton.

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