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Saturday, 2 July 2011


It looks as though Marvel Studios could begin working on short films that would feature it's more 'difficult' A-listers and cult B-list characters to play as a double feature along side it's tent pole block busters such as Thor and the up coming Avengers. This would be a cracking idea and would showcase characters such as Ghostrider, Punisher and the Hulk far more effectively than a full length Hollywood flick which follow a formula unsuited to the less 'conventional' superhero. It could also allow creative directors to experiment, break the mold and give the fans what they want, who wouldn't flip out for a 15 minute big screen tease staring the Silver Surfer going up against a true to comics Galactus (not some CGI cloud monster) or Longshot Vs. Mojo set in Mojoworld. In current Marvel movies the end of credit tease and the background cameos have become important elements in making these pictures popular, these shorts would just be expanding the idea and for movie going comic lovers they'd be pure fan-boy gold.

Here's an article.

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