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Friday, 2 December 2011

Alien Prequel 'PROMETHEUS': Things really where better in the old days.

 New images have been released from Ridley Scott's next flick, Prometheus and already it seems to have fallen fowl to one of the many pitfalls related to the blight that is the 'Hollywood prequel', namely everything looks more technologically advanced in the past. (I'm treating this as an Alien prequel no matter what they say, don't believe the hype.)
It would seem in the 'Alien' universe astronauts go from sleek minimalist spandex to heavy duty haz-mat coveralls. In Alien 3 which is set even further in the future, the Weyland Yutani soldiers are sporting even heavier body protection.
A real world equivalent would be divers going from scuba gear to lead booted deep sea suits. Still good to see the Fantastic Four's costumes aren't going to waste.
The Star Wars prequels suffered similar problems the least of all being that the Imperial Troopers hand held holographic communicators were fazed out in favour of  intergalactic walkie-talkies. All this proves that even in space no one is safe form economic cut backs.  

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