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Friday, 6 July 2012


As the DC & Marvel big guns become increasingly irrelevant the medium of comics continues to be a never ending source creativity and inspiration. can you dig it.

5. UNDER WATER WELDER (by Jeff Lemire)
 I've been waiting on this one and if the early reviews are anything to go by it'll be more than worth it and another gem from the always excellent Top Shelf Productions.
Click here to check out some pages on CBR. 

4. ELEPHANTMEN (wirtten by Richard Starkings with various artists)
A great story that is one of the best examples of pure Sci-Fi that can currently be found in comics along with some stunning art work it makes for one of the best ongoing monthly titles.

3. ORBITAL (art by Serge Pelle, written by Sylvian Runberg)
I've always thought that there is a subtle difference between American and European Sci-Fi that makes the European stuff more enjoyable and satisfying which is exactly why this book is well worth tracking down. Vol.5 is released on the 21st of September.

2. TEAM GIRL COMIC (various contributors)
the comic book equivalent of finding that underground band that feels like it belongs only to you and whose gigs become unmissable. A cracking book that evolves with each issue and never lets you down. Pure Punk Rock self publishing.

1. The GOON (Eric Powell)
Supernatural shenanigans abound in a comic that is consistently one of the best reads around. And here is the trailer for a proposed David Fincher animated Goon flick which bizarrely can't get funding....  

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