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Friday, 19 November 2010

First Images of the new JUDGE DREDD movie.

At this very moment Mrs. Leftbridge (3 times winner of the Scheme Comix GO-GO dancer and White Russian mixer of the year award) is trying her best to settle me down in the only way she knows how and what gentle reader has caused me to turn in to a man-sized version of a juiced up Justin Bieber fan take a look at the first pic of Karl Urban as, JUDGE DREDD......CAN-YOU-DIG-IT!!!!!
My first thoughts are that even though the helmet looks a little cumbersome this single image already pisses all over Stallone. They have obviously based his armour on how it was drawn in the very early days and even though I mentioned his helmet it still looks great. Hope that's not his Law Giver though but right now nothing is going to ruin my Dredd Buzz.

Here's the article.

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