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Saturday, 6 November 2010


If proof was needed that Hollywood has run out of ideas there comes the news that director Steve Pink is set to remake Troma Films 1984 super hero spoof, THE TOXIC AVENGER. Why? Like most Troma flicks it was a fun, B-movie-esque, gross out where the main selling point was the films title and accompanying poster but was only ever really worth one watch. Then after the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES hit pay dirt it was made kiddie friendly and turned into a cartoon and toy line as a poor rival to the heroes in a half shell then, unnoticed rightly sunk with out trace. So again I ask WHY a remake, well here's my cynical theory, it's got a similar story to Spiderman which is currently being remade so there's plenty of room for knowing gags (probably about bodily fluids and a tag line that reads WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT 'IRRESPONSIBILITY') and it's got the word AVENGER in it so there's a couple of coat tails for it to ride around on. Go back and read my COMING SOON post for how I think this project got green lit.

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