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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

SCHEME COMIX 'zine Covers.

Before it became the '£2 Thrill Spectacular' Scheme Comix started off as 'zine style mini comic and theses are the covers of those early ventures into self publishing.
 Issue one featured a cover by the very talented Michael McColm and No 4 was provided by regular Scheme contributor Tom Crines. The rest are the work of Kev Harper. They  were produced as cheaply as possible on photocopiers and were given away free or left in places like pubs, record shops and comic shops for people to pick up.

The strips that featured tended to be 'slice of life' stories in the style of American Splendor and featured the work of several different artists. Issue 6 never actually made it to print but provided a story that would feature in our 'first' issue with a colour cover.

And these where posters/fliers that we used to 'Spread the Word'.

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