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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bladerunner-sequels and prequels.

News has come out that the production company Alcon Entertainment is planning sequels and (the gods help us) prequels to Blade Runner, and truth be told my inner fan boy says 'yes' while my heart says ''no,OH GOD NO not sequels and prequels, common sense tells you that these will only turn out to be complete and utter shit....''. The original Blade Runner promotional material promised us flying cop cars, rampaging androids, Han Solo shooting a big gun and all of this directed by the man who brought you Alien but what we got was a slow character driven sci-fi thriller which it has to be said had the young me bored to tears when I first saw it (on a pirate VHS my mate had stolen from his big brother) but it wasn't meant to be watched (appreciated) by youngsters who where stuck in a limbo between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi it's a movie for 'adults'(?). My hopes for any Blade Runner franchise are not good and I predict it will suffer (ironically) under the weight of all the pictures, directors, writers, FX artists etc... it has gone on to influence so instead of Blade Runner I predict we'll get the Fifth Element but darker, more violent and (once more, the gods help us) cooler!
Here's an article.
For the record The original cut to the flick is still my favorite (voice over and all) which I still watch on VHS, can you dig it!

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