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Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Here's the trailer for the new Captain America flick and (like most people) I have to admit that it's looking pretty good despite my early reaction to it.

However, I still have a couple of gripes (and along with using the word 'gripe' here's where I start to sound like and old fan-boy codger) The first is that even though the character was created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon (he first appeared in Captain America Comics *1 published by Timely Comics in 1941) reports say that Stan Lee (who first work on him in 1964 after Timely became Marvel) is to have a cameo I'm not taking anything away from Lee but surly it would be more fitting to give the last surviving member of the creative team Joe Simon, if not a cameo (he's 93) the recognition he deserves.

Also Captain America with a gun. I always thought that the reason he used a shield was because he is a protector and a defender, a symbol (like Batman) that didn't need to use the same weapons as his cowardly enemies because he's, you know a 'Super Hero' but as has been the way at Marvel for over a decade now superpowers are nothing compared to a guy with a gun/claws/sword.
Now before anybody feels the need to point out that the movie is set during WWII and soldiers need guns this isn't a 'war' movie it's a 'superhero' movie. nuff said.

                                                  then                  &              now
                                      (leads with his shield)            (leads with a gun)

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