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Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I've seen similar lists to this and 9/10 the Millennium Falcon fights it out with the Enterprise for the top spot (of course the Falcon will always be No.1) but what of the forgotten gems who through no fault of their own appeared in TV shows and films which either didn't get the recognition they deserved or more probably sucked balls here is a top 5 model designs that I consider to be unappreciated design classics.

5. the Naboo N-1 Star-fighter: the Phantom Menace.
Like an Art Deco Spitfire its 'dated' design made it perhaps the only ship that felt like it belonged in a Star Wars prequel.

4. Gunstar: the Last Starfighter.
It looks like it came of the cover off a Sci-Fi Pulp magazine but still looks practical enough to make it 'realistic'.

3. Star Fighter: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Will be forever lost in the shadow of Battlestar Galactica's Colonial Viper but it's easily it's equal.

2. SA-43 Hammerhead: Space Above and Beyond
This is supposed to look like a true representation of a futuristic war plane and doesn't it look the bees knees.

1. Bubble Fighter: Lost in Space.
In a film that was a complete turd the Bubble Fighter stood out in it's all too brief appearance and achieved the impossible by making Matt LeBlanc watchable. 

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  1. Excellent list. You are overstating the Bubble Fighter in the sense that nothing would make him watchable. Except perhaps a Saudi-style beheading