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Thursday, 3 November 2011

SCHEME 9's How to fix a Sequel No.2: SPIDERMAN 3

For me the Spider-Man flicks where exactly what I wanted them to be, they where faithful enough to the comics where they had to be (his costume) and the changes they made, made sense (organic webs), but most importantly the story was kept simple. Peter Parker is an ordinary Joe who now because of 'great power has great responsibility' but look out here's the bad guy and this is his dastardly plan but it's OK cause here comes Spider-Man to save the day, simple and classic. Both 1 & 2 where bang on super hero pictures sticking pretty much to the same formula then along came No.3 and almost right away it was common knowledge that it would feature everyone's favorite Spidey villain VENOM what could possibly go wrong, well as it turned out every thing but what if Reimi had stuck to all the little plot elements he had set up in No.2?

the SCHEME 9 fix....
Mary Jane Watson's ex-fiance, astronaut John Jameson is on an Oscorp sponsored space mission when he gets infected by an alien symbiont. He returns to earth and finds that the alien has enhanced him physically and decides to use his new abilities to get revenge on the woman who humiliated him by leaving him at the alter and the man who stole her, Peter Parker. When Jameson attacks the couple the symbiont senses that Peter is super human and so abandons its host a bonds with the more powerful and so more desirable Spider-Man.
Meanwhile Harry Osborn still wanting revenge on everyone's favorite wall crawler hires a ruthless vigilante to hunt him down.....The PUNISHER. This would explain his cameo (played by Thomas Jane) at the end of Spider-Man 2.

With the symbiont making him act out of character the Punisher believes Spider-Man to be a criminal and so mayhem ensues until Peter rejects the symbiont which he returns to OSCORP unaware that Harry knows his secret identity. Seeing that the Punisher has failed and how the alien becomes more powerful when fulled with revenge and rage Harry informs Jameson that Parker is Spider-Man and allows him to bond once again with the symbiont this time becoming VENOM. 
The Punisher realizing that Harry was using him and that Spider-Man is not a criminal teams up with the web head to stop the alien menace and take down Harry Osborn and the alien symbiont.
The film ends with a slow motion shot of a battered and bruised Harry stumbling through an Oscorp lab containing hundreds of synthetic samples of the alien symbiont he falls against sample 13 that glows red and squirms violently, it's containment cylinder cracks and and we get our first brief glimpse of Harry's next incarnation, CARNAGE...the END.

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  1. Words can't match my excitement at this fix.