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Sunday, 3 June 2012

BLADE RUNNER: the comic book cut...

There are multiple versions of Blade Runner from Directors cut to Final Cut but there's one that gets overlooked the Comic Book Cut.
Published by Marvel (1982) it was first released as issue 22 of the Marvel Super Special series (with a nothing short of beautiful Jim Steranko cover) it was reprinted as a regular format two parter the same year (which are the ones I lovingly own). adapted by the late great Archie Goodwin who condenses the movie into the type of 'for all ages' story Marvel used to excel at while keeping the tone of the film and not feeling the need to dumb it down for a 'younger' audience.
The art (by Al Williamson & Carlos Garzon with additional inks by Dan Green & Ralph Reese) is faithful to the movie with a rawness that complements the films esthetic. These books are still easy to find and surprisingly don't always come with the ridiculous 'collectors' prices that significant pop culture brands are often lumbered with. Blade Runner is classic in ever sense of the word and continues to inspire modern urban Sci-Fi, no matter what 'cut' it comes in.
And for shit's and giggles check out this ad from the back cover of Blade Runner issue 1 for the 'Empire Strikes Back' Atari video game.

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