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Thursday, 7 June 2012

TRANSFORMERS 4: Robots I Despise...

I'm sure (although box office takings care to differ)  that I'm not the only person who treated the almost evangelical announcement the Michael Bay was going to direct a fourth Transformers movie as a massive stone cold downer. He couldn't make a decent one the first three times so it's a safe bet the fourth will be equally awful while still managing to rake in the disposable incomes of the masses, a trick Hollywood has perfected to the point of shock & awe genius (it's the equivalent of a highly trained ninja warrior mugging goats). Apart from everything about them, it was how bad and confusingly designed the robots where that most disappointed. Obviously the 20 years worth of design work that had made the Transformers so popular in the first place (and had already appeared in a better than it should have been animated feature) wasn't good enough.

This 'test' clip showed up just before the first Transformers flick raised it's ugly misshapen head and in many ways it still looks better than the Optimus Prime (even though it's colouring suggests it's Ultra Magnus) that muddled it's way through 3 incredibly bad (and bizarrely successful) shlock busters.
And for comparison, Optimus Prime with added 'Bay Effect'....

Which is better, you decide (although the answer is the first one).


  1. sorry, but the second one looks faaaar better.

    first looks way too fakey and sh!tty

  2. The first one was only a test shot where as the second one had millions of dollars thrown at and still looks horrible.

    1. How? The first one doesn't look like it is agile or durable to last long in a fight.

  3. It at least looks like a Transformer.