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Saturday, 16 June 2012

BATMAN FOREVER's original beginning & ending...

Batman Forever will always be unfairly partnered up with the truly awful Batman & Robin but what ever faults it's judged to have they are the same faults that bog down any third act movie, it's Batman's Return of the Jedi moment but take away the neon lights and Robin (the Boy Ewok) and it's no different to a Tim Burton Bat flick. The Joel Schumacher Bat efforts will never be anyone's favorite mainly because they lightened up on Burton's 'dark' design choices but story wise are they really that different. Batman Returns is often touted as the best of the 'Burton' era but as good as it looked it did end with Gotham being attacked by an army of rocket launching penguins. These unused clips of  Forever hint at a Burton-esque darkness which was obviously watered down (although not considerably) to achieve a more family orientated screen certificate which would bring a box office cash boost to a franchise which had come to the end of it's then shelf life.


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