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Friday, 31 December 2010

Lynyrd Skynyrd: Freebird.

As used in the Devils Rejects, dig it.

J.J. Abrams SUPERMAN suit designs

After the Tim Burton Superman designs come concept art from the failed J.J. Abrams version of the Man of Steel. The suit looks pretty standard all that's missing is his trunks which seems to be the mission of everyone who's drawn big blue since the nighties to get rid of, LEAVE THE UNDERWEAR ALONE. The trunks over the tights has it's origins in the uniforms worn by circus strong men so where a natural fit (I thank you) as inspiration for the young artists of the 1930's who created the first superheros.Since the nineties however superhero comics have been infected with the buzz words "DARK" and "EDGY" and an never ending obsession with putting men in tights in the "real world" (arguably the real legacy of the Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen). Say what you want about Bryan Singer's hopelessly flawed Superman Returns but at least they stayed faithful to his costume trunks and all (although they didn't include the yellow symbol on his cape which strangely was always one of my favorite details of any superhero costume.)

Click here to read the article that featured a review of a leaked script and supposedly put the skids on Abrams plans for the last Son of Krypton.

100 "Greatest" Behind The Scenes Shots...?

Click here for Total Film's 100 'Greatest' Behind the scenes shots. I wouldn't personally call them the 'greatest' but there are some nice images in there, check them out and decide for yourself. Here are some of my favorites. 

Thursday, 30 December 2010

"Luba" by Love&Rockets Gilbert Hernandez 'THE MOVIE'

It looks like the legend of indie comics that is LOVE & ROCKETS is set to make a move to the big screen but fans of the book may be surprised that it won't be focusing on Jaime Hernandez's Maggie and Hopey (arguably the stars of the book) but rather the other half of Los Bros Gilbert's Luba. If your not familiar with the work of the Hernandez brothers then be good to yourself and pick up any of the the collected volumes of Love & Rockets. And for all you aspiring movie starlets out there here's a link to the casting call  for the lead role.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


E-mail us at to purchase your copy of "THE £2 THRILL SPECTACULAR".

New JUDGE DREDD images.

"HEY KIDZ, check out these great new images from the set of the new Judge Dredd flick, WOW!"
(that last sentence should be read in a sarcastic tone). So share in my disappointment at pictures of, a car park and what looks like a closed for business off license.
Dredd is definitely at the top of my list of the up coming films based on comics that I'm most looking forward to (Dark Knight Rises and the Avengers come in at No's 2&3 respectively) but I'll save my excitement for something a little more...exciting.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Here are the intros to the top 5 action 'toons guaranteed to bring a tear of childhood joy my aging eyes.

ULYSSES 31: Sci-Fi and Greek mythology mothers milk to any 10 year old geek plus hands down the greatest theme tune....ever.

CENTURIONS: Power X-Treme, nuff said.

JAYCE and the WHEELED WARRIORS: A cross between Mad Max and
Star Wars what's not to love.

THUNDERCATS: I have to admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of these particular
Cats but the animation in this intro alone had me tuning in.

BATTLE of the PLANETS: My all time number 1 action 'toon, dig it.

And an honorable mention has to go out to BIRDMAN and SPACEGHOST,
heroes one and all we salute you.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Black Grape: Kelly s Heroes

When Paul McCartney met Jack Kirby

Click here to read a fantastic story from the book 'The COLLECTED JACK KIRBY' about the time in 1975 Paul McCartney met Jack 'the KING' Kirby. And here's the drawing Kirby did for him. Who's for chocolate cake?

And for no reason other than it's cool here's a photo of when Frank Zappa met the 'King'...

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

These Animal Men : This is the Sound of Youth


Al Capp is best known for the comic strip Li'l Abner and for being a staunch Republican. In this piece of footage he goes head to head with John and Yoko during their Bed in for Peace protests in Montreal. I'll let you decide who the winner is.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Word Lens; technology or witchcraft?

Some think it's the future others seem to think it's a hoax but if that's the case it reminds me of an April Fool prank that was played by a Saturday morning TV show (I think it was Going Live?) that basically predicted the MP3 player.

Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets) trailers?

Here are a bunch of trailers all claiming to be clips for an updated version of the fantastic GATCHAMAN or as I knew them in my youth Battle of the Planets (or G-Force, Eagle Riders depending on your age) apart from the OVA animated flick I don't think anything has come of the others which is a shame because if we must be constantly bombarded with remakes then at least remake the good stuff (I'm sure I'll regret saying that). If you haven't seen Gatchaman before I highly recommend it in any of it's incarnations (although the original Japanese series is by far the superior).

 And here's a picture of the team looking all groovy in their civies, dig.

RIP Blake Edwards

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Tim Burton's SUPERMAN SUIT test footage.

Here is some test footage of what would have been Nicolas Cage's Superman suit if Tim Burton had had his way. I've said before that I like the look of this but in no way is it suitable (I thank you) for Superman.

cypress hill - illusions


Before it's transformation into 'THE £2 THRILL SPECTACULAR' Scheme Comix started out as a 'zine printed on photocopiers, hand stapled and featured 3 or 4 top cats doing a variety of strips. DEADBEAT 74 was Kev Harper's main contribution (Blessed & Confused dates back to 2005ish) and was a cold attempt to to be Glasgow's answer to the late great Harvey Pekar. Check it out and be kind we all have to start somewhere.

Copies of SCHEME COMIX can be bought using PayPal (£2+postage) just get in touch at and we'll hook you up.

Mighty Mouse in Frankenstein's Cat

Here's an episode of the one and only MIGHTY MOUSE (created by Izzy Klein and developed by Paul Terry in the 1940's). I loved the original 'toons and the late 1980's 'The New Adventures' series and even though they used to be regularly shown on TV my fondest memories are of watching them in a Cartoon Booth (like the one in the picture) in the Dawson's Amusement Arcade while on holiday in Saltcoats, 10p (25c USA) for a whole cartoon. Believe me when I say that my memories of watching Mighty Mouse in the cartoon booth are bathed in a kind of warm golden glow of childhood bliss that would make even Kevin Arnold sick.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Whale - Hobo Humpin slobo babe

New Sucker Punch ‘Inside Look’ Featurette

I make no apologies for how much my inner geek continues to look forward to seeing this picture even though a black seed of doubt in the back of my mind keeps reminding me that such a CGI heavy flick has to suck.
Here is a new 'featurette', dig it.


Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Here's a great article on the effects of sequels on Hollywood.(personally for me prequels and remakes are the bigger problem.)
Here's the article.

L-U-V. x


A SKETCH a DAY: the Spirit of Christmas 2010

Monday, 13 December 2010


Enough with live action and all it's limitations, this is how I want my future superhero flicks.


Saturday, 11 December 2010

Senser - Eject


These clips are taken from the excellent Charlie Brooker's Newswipe which shows how the media manipulates the 'news'. I'm posting them up in response to recent events in Britain where people took to the streets in legitimate protest at the governments education reforms and in my opinion the media's misleading, bias and dangerously sensationalist reporting of the said protests. Always question what your told especially by YOUR governments and the corporate news media, 

Friday, 10 December 2010

Real Steel Trailer

I've only just heard about this flick and I have to say after seeing the trailer it looks like a bit of solid fun sci-fi, Robot Wars crossed with Rocky,LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!.........dig it.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Jamie Lidell - Little Bit of Feel Good

The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special , THE MOVIE

Here's one in honor of the festive season  a short film based on one of my all time favorite reads The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special, enjoy.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Beatles-I am the Walrus

CONAN The Making of a COMIC BOOK Legend

This is a short doc about Marvels run of Conan comics and how they effected the movies that stared Arnie, I love these books which mostly featured art by John Busema. As seems to be the trend at the moment an unnecessary movie remake will soon be released but I can't recommend highly enough the Marvel comics which I'll bet my dog will be superior in every way to the new flick.

Barbarella (1968) Trailer

For no good reason here is the trailer to one of my go to movies, the 60's Sci-Fi classic based on the French comic by Jean-Claude Forest BARBARELLA. This flick is nothing short of Sci-Fi perfection which has had the threat of a remake hanging over it for a few years now and when it happens will no doubt be a stone cold downer so dig the original and if you can pick up the collected edition of the comics, enjoy.


And the winner is.....................?

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


 Here is a great article by Richard Starkings which gives the background story to two of my all time favorite comics series DRAGONS CLAWS and THE SLEEZE BROTHERS. These comics can be found in most bargain bins for pennies and are better than most of the books currently cluttering up the shelves at your local comic shop.
Here's the article.