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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Top 5 Animated Music Videos.

 Here's a top 5 animated music videos and in case anyone is about to ask why Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer and A-ha's Take on me aren't included it's because Sledgehammer is too obvious and A-ha are shite, enjoy and let me know what you think..  

1.  Pearl Jam: Do thE Evolution

2. Daft Punk: Harder, Better, Faster, Sronger

3. Alice in Chains: I stay away

2. U2: Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me. (say what you want about the band and the film but great song and cracking video.)

1. Gorillaz: 19-200.

Saturday, 19 February 2011


All of them put together for the purpose of a movie and all of them better than most Pop music in the charts today .

5. The Commitments 

4. Josie And The Pussycats.

3. Ming Tea.

2. Dogs in Space.

1. Spinal Tap.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Joanne Siegel, Model For Lois Lane, Dies At 93

The wife of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and original model for Lois Lane, Joanne Siegel has sadly passed away at the age of 93.

Here's an article 
Also here's a short interview with  Brad Meltzer which gives a idea of the darker story behind Superman.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A tale of two Spider-Men: The new Spider-Man movie costume.

For his birthday Toby McGuire asked his mum for a Spider-Man costume just like the one in the comics and a new pair of Adidas Samba and on the morning of his big day his mum gave him two large parcels which he frantically opened. With his eyes fit to burst with tears of joy he saw that the parcels contained just what he had asked for, a Spider-Man costume, just like the one in the comics and a brand new pair of Adidas Samba.
Meanwhile on the other side of town Andrew Garfeild had also asked his mum for a Spider-Man costume just like the one in the comics and a new pair of Adidas Samba but instead his mum got him a suit that sort of looked like Spider-Man's and a pair of Adodis Momba from the market, both were OK from a distance but up close they just didn't look right.

He'll be back....the return of the Arnie Terminator?

Now that the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that he's considering a return to the big screen reports are buzzing all over the inter-webs about another Terminator re-boot.WHY? Who exactly is waiting to see a CGI enhanced Arnie plodding about on a care free murder spree spouting tiered ,worn out catch phrases. As much as it can't be denied that monsters like the Terminator, Predator and the Alien are modern cinemas answer to Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman after poor sequels more concerned with the earning potential of the franchises and in the case of Terminator a indifferent TV show (even Alien had a cartoon show) these monsters have lost all there impact and it's a good bet that apart from flashy overblown FX you know exactly what any re-boot they feature in will be like before the first word of a script has been typed.

Here's an article.

Friday, 11 February 2011


 Fantastic Four is being relaunched as the FUTURE FOUNDATION with Spider-Man filling the hot seat (I thank you) of the dearly departed Human Torch and for the first time in a long time Marvel is publishing a book I might actually go out and buy. (unless your a fan of Wolverine, Deadpool, the Avengers or Bendis it's been slim pickings over at the ''House of Ideas'' for over a decade now.)
It has to be noted that as sales of comics continues to nose dive the big 2 (Marvel/DC) seem happy to regurgitate the same old tired characters (Marvel will attempt yet another Moon Knight relaunch) rather than invest in something new and so 'retcons' are the the false economy with which these dinosaurs use to cling to what's left of the print market but the Future Foundation has two things going for it that have caught my attention
1. SPIDER-MAN, he is the perfect replacement for Johnny Storm in that he'll bring a light hearted comedic value to the book, also for me Spider-Man (like the FF) was always more about fun adventures rather than 'dark' violence orientated stories which is why I never got behind him being included in the Avengers and the direction those books have taken.(and despite the already notable fan-boy grumbles I like his new white costume but hope it is used just within the pages of FF.)
2. Check out the covers for the first issue of the Future Foundation, can you see what makes this different to 99% of every other superhero comic...look closely... the cast are SMILING (shock horror) that's right kids from what I can make out, with out actually having read the book it would seem that this re-boot is bucking the 'make it dark' trend that has blighted superhero comics for so long now and is putting the emphasis on adventure (something which has been sadly missing from regular comic tiles and relegated to the more child friendly books) and looks like having it's superheros be super and heroic.
Time will tell how well this book dose but I suspect that not before too long the FANTASTIC FOUR will return (probably in time for the upcoming film re-boot) but when it does I hope that Spider-Man (new costume and all) remains the fourth member and that the Future Foundation is something Marvel comics can build on and rediscover it's sense of adventure.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

X-MEN: First Class trailer.

Here's the trailer for X-MEN: First Class and it looks surprisingly good. I'm still not sure about the character choices (Azazel? and a non crippled and bald Xavier) and how it being a prequel set in the 60's effects some of the characters in relation to the previous flicks (Emma Frost is a grown woman in this but a child in X-Men Origins:Wolverine and with Mystique being in this doesn't that mean she's 60ish in the first X-men movie and before you pass it off that her power keeps her young when she loses her powers in Last Stand she didn't turn all old a crinkly) but just try and keep you fan-boy rages in check and try not to think about it (it is Hollywood after all)  I've still got my fingers crossed this will turn out to be a fun picture despite it's flaws. 

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking however that considering reboots are ten a penny and that the last 2 films had turned the franchise sour why not just start again and give us a flick that is set in the 60's (which is one of the things the new flick has going for it) and featuring the X-men's original line up (even though all the original characters appeared in X-Men: Last Stand they didn't share any screen time one of many reasons that picture sucked) that is one reboot I could have (maybe) got behind.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


 There are so many really bad movies but it is possible to dig out the slightest of gems from the biggest of turds.

5. FANTASTIC 4, Rise of the Silver Surfer:
The Silver Surfer played by Doug Jones and voiced by Laurence Fishurne was for me spot on.

4. Joel Schumacher BATMAN movies:
Forget the nipples Robin's costumes are great adaptations of the boy wonders uniform .(this dose not apply to the 'Ice' version in Batman & Robin)

Peter Stormare as Satan is only in the flick for 1 short scene but from the black tar dripping from his feet, the dead eyes and the hint of the tattoo under his suit is nuanced and detailed in a way a lot of other interpretations of  the Devil can only dream of (I'd also apply this to Tilda Swinton as the asexual Gabriel)

The Betty, it's like the Boba Fett of space ships, you hardly see it and know nothing about it but it just looks like it's got a story to tell.
Here's a cracking interview with model maker Matthew Gratzner about the ship

1. STAR WARS; Phantom Menace.
Darth Maul, nuff said.