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Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Check out what the postman brought me this morning, Sgt.Fury and his Howling Commandos issue 18 from May 1965, art by Dick Ayers and written by Stan Lee, it's a little battered and bruised (just like it should be) and it truly is a thing of beauty. So what's the big deal, well gentle readers I've bought this particular book not for myself but for the beautiful Mrs.Harper (who recently retained her crown as Scheme Comix No.1 Go-Go Dancer after what can only be described as the dirtiest and in the case of one unfortunate contestant, deadliest competition so far.) and why should I choose to get her this particular book, well in the film TRUE ROMANCE after Clarence show's Alabama the SPIDER-MAN No.1 it's actually a copy of this book he gives her as a token of his love describing it (in the original screen play) as "One of the coolest series known to man....Just look at that art work, will ya. Great stories. Great characters....Alabama, I'd like you to have this." Never let it be said that geeks and lovin' don't mix.

skip to 10.00 to see how the scene played out in the finished flick.

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