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Monday, 17 January 2011

Captain America stuff and nonsense.

Purely because I didn't post up the pic of Chris Evans in his full Captain America costume here are some images of the star spangled Avenger you might not have seen.

The Cap' in all his silver screen glory.

No doubt Stan 'the Man' Lee will make his obligatory cameo but it should be remembered that although he undoubtedly integrated Captain America into the Marvel Universe he did NOT create him that honer goes to Joe Simon (who at 97 years old is still with us so will hopefully have a prominent cameo) and Jack 'the KING' Kirby. (the first Captain America comic was published by Timely Comics which later became Marvel.)

For a short time in the 80's Steve Rogers gave up the mantel of Captain America and was known simply as the Captain he also cried a blank shield. As the second image show's this was at a time when Marvel first toyed with going 'dark' which at that time basicly ment sucking all the colour out of it's characters costumes.
( I actually really like the Cap's black duds which were later worn by the U.S Agent.)

In the mini series TRUTH: Red, White and Black it was revealed that the scientists who would go on to make Steve Rogers into Captain America first experimented on African American soldiers with Isaiah Bradley being the first of Americas Super Soldiers.

 Peter Fonda's character in Easy Rider goes by the nick name Captain America and just like him the Captain America of the comics was known to favor a motor cycle as his prefared mode of personal transport as he dose in the new flick. (as he also did in the so bad they're great 1970's TV movies.)

The future wielder of the Cap's shield was Vance Astro ( best name ever!) also known as Major Victory of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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