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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

TOP 5 COMICS you've probably never heard of.

Here are some of my personal favorites that can easily be found in any bargain bin but when compared to some of the titles clogging up the shelves at your local comic retailers are criminally overlooked.

5. HEART BREAKERS; by Paul Guinan (artist) and Anina Bennett (writer)
Cloned bad asses where anything can happen.

4. STRIKE-FORCE MORITURI:by Brent Anderson (artist) and Peter B.Gillis (writer)
Published by Marvel the story centers around a team of super-powered humans who have been created to defend the Earth after it has been invaded by aliens the twist is that their powers only last a year then they die.

3. WARHEADS: by various writers and artists most notably Gary Erskine (artist) Nick Vince & John Freeman (writers). Published by MARVEL UK the Warheads are a group of soldiers employed by the Mys-Tech organization to steal weapons and technology from other dimensions.
2. HIGH ROADS: by Leinil Francis Yu (artist) and Scott Lobdell (writer)
Published as part of the IMAGE COMICS Cliffhanger imprint. Set during WWII the story is a rip roaring tale in the style of the old Saturday morning matinee shows.

1. DRAGONS CLAWS: by Geoff Senior (artist) and Simon Furman (writer)
Published by MARVEL UK it's a mixture of the Running Man and Mad Max it lasted only 10 issues but deserved a lot more a true hidden classic.

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