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Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Green Hornet: Gas Station Protection Racket (1939 radio show)

The recent big budget version of the Green Hornet turned out to be a solid gold downer. Original casting rumors for the big screen adaptation had George Clooney as the 'Hornet and the actress Ziyi Zhang as Kato which for me would have been perfect (although Scott Pilgrims Ellen Wong would give the partnership a 'Dark Knight Returns' dynamic duo look) indeed the idea of a female Kato is now being used in the current comic series from Dynamite Comics. My ideal silver screen Hornet flick would have  Kato as a graceful martial artist and the Green Hornet as an Elliot Ness style gangbusting bruiser who wages war on the cities mobsters like the old time radio shows. Mix Batman with the Untouchables, replace Al Capone with Fu Manchu as the bad guy, have Quentin Tarantino write it and Robert Rodriguez direct it and give us a fun, pulp fiction crime fighter with a sting in his tail.

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