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Thursday, 12 July 2012


This movie will be the very definition of the word pointless but even though there's only a teaser trailer I'm going to have a stab at predicting what this version of the Future of Law Enforcement has in store for us.
As seen in the trailer the ED-209 is now the size of a house and looks like a reject from the Bay Transformer flicks so expect a glut of CGI Robo prototypes (Terminator Salvation style) and of course the obligatory cameo of the original Robocop in the background as a nod and a wink to the fans which also works as a 'honestly I prefer the original too' thumbs up from the director.
Detroit will be laid out like a rip from Blade Runner although they me be smart enough to use the actual city as it is (like Nolan's Gotham). Robocop himself will be far more 3D friendly so I'm expecting a sleek more gritty version of Sonny from I,Robot or if he's still built like a brick the accelerator suits from GI Joe (or they might just rip off Iron Man) either way he'll move like a techno Spider-Man with (as the poster and trailer would suggest) a black and red colour scheme.
 The story will be standard Hollywood and the satire of the original will probably be buried under scenes of elaborate fighting and chasing (but not as violent as Robo '87, got to think of those pesky  kids). The movie doesn't come out till next year so who knows maybe they'll break the remake mold and do something that will be as cleaver and original as the...err...original, as will I'm sure the remakes of Total Recall, Highlander, Mad Max, Starship Troopers, blah, blah blah..............

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