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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Director Joe Carnahan’s test trailers for DAREDEVIL reboot....

These are the test trailers (or sizzle trailers as they apparently say in the biz) for Joe Carnhan's now aborted concept for a reboot of Daredevil. The clips are made up using soundtracks, dialog and images from other flicks (including Ben Afleck as the Man without Fear) to give a broad idea of the tone the director was going in which was that of a set in the1970's exploitation movie and for my money they hit the mark a shame the final say rested with Hollywood suits more interested in money than the audience.

And dig those animated Frank Miller panels, (Miller's Born storyline from the comics was to be a prominent  influence). Where other more A-List comic titles fluctuate so badly that you literally don't know what your getting from one issue to the next the Daredevil title has been one of the most consistent superhero titles for over a decade now (if not longer) so it seems only right that the character be treated with some respect and creativity when putting him on the big screen. (For the record I like the 2003.)

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