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Friday, 14 September 2012

Is Dredd the best big screen comic strip adaptation...

Saw Dredd this morning and loved it, without doubt (for me at least) one of the best comic book adaptation ever with an excellent cast doing justice (i thank you) to each of their characters.With a fifth of the budget ($45,000,000 according to IMDB)of the Avengers ($220,000,000) Dark Knight Rises ($250,000,000) and the disappointing Amazing Spider-Man ($230,000,000) the makers got the story spot on, nice and simple no epic 'saving the city' grandstanding which has been the schtick for the higher profile Marvel/DC efforts as Dredd says at the end it was 'just a drug bust'. My only complaint is that I'd prefer to have seen it in 2D and a little 'Verhoeven' style social commentary/humor would have been a nice touch but that could have led to unfair RoboCop comparisons when it could be argued Robo is just a rip off of or at least heavily influenced by the long running 2000ad strip.
With the reviews it's receiving along with a healthy box office a sequel should be on the cards with surly a more fitting budget and from what other people have been saying the preferred choice for villain would be Judge Death but personally I'd like to see Dredd go up against the Angel Gang (the one thing the Stallone dud unknowingly got right) keeping the story line in the 'a day in the life' mold (if it turns into a trilogy then have the 3rd be the Dredd saves the world super natural Dark Judge extravaganza ideally based on the 'Necropolis' story line). This flick proves that with the right people in charge less is defiantly more a rule that should become law for all future comic book movies.

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