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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

1978 Japanese Spider-Man TV show.......

I've always wondered why Marvel or DC never produced a kids TV show like the Power Rangers. I know the multi coloured martial artists aren't everybody's cup of tea but replace them with the X-Men or Teen Titans (keeping the same format and production values) and that my friends is Saturday morning Fan-Boy gold. Well it turns out that some one in Japan had exactly the same idea back in 1978 and everyone's favorite friendly neighbourhood 'Supaidâman' was born. IMDB gives this synopsis:
 'Professor Monster, leader of the Iron Cross Army are in pursuit of the space craft Marveller, which comes to Earth and crashes on a mountain in Japan, freeing an old hermit named Galia, who was from the planet Spider. After a race show, motorcycle stuntman Takuya Yamashiro is fatally wounded by Professor Monster's henchmen, but is saved by Galia, who injects "Spider Extract" into Takuya before turning back into a spider! He also recieves a metallic bracelet, which stores his Spidey suit, shoots webs and is also a communicator for the Spider-Machine GP-7 and Marveller, which he can ride and transform into Leopardon, which kills Professor Monster's monsters with its "Swordvicker" attack'. 

It would be easy to sneer at this reworking but it's a million times more fun than any of the guff happening in the over priced quality free zone that has become old web heads comics. 
By the way before I forget....Dear Santa...

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