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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

BATMAN:ZERO YEAR in a nutshell.....

Scott Snyder's next big Bat epic will be 'BATMAN:ZERO YEAR' a year long origin story of how Bruce Wayne becomes the Dark Knight...parp.
After his 'A Death of the Family' (which although not as a consiquence ended just as we got another dead Robin) playing on the 1980's (death of Robin story line) 'A Death in the Family' the decision to do an origin story (Zero Year) that plays on Frank Miller's bat origin 'Year One' seems a bit odd if not down right lazy (I look forward to the A Place to Die Lonley, Killer Joke and Knight Fell) but Snyder is a good writer and I'm sure this tale will have more than it's fair share of twists and turns even if it's outcome is, predictable.
And just to be a dick here is a check list of stuff I predict you'll be seeing....

1. Bruce wears a balaclava as a proto-type cowl.
2. Bruce is trained by Ra's al Ghul, Henri Ducard or Mr.Miyagi who give him a secrect identity with the revelation being that Bruce Wayne was the first Robin!
3. His parents murder was not a mugging but and assasination which is all part of an industrial espionage plot.
4. Bruce has a sister and Alfred is his real father.
5. Bruce uses a gun.

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