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Thursday, 10 February 2011

X-MEN: First Class trailer.

Here's the trailer for X-MEN: First Class and it looks surprisingly good. I'm still not sure about the character choices (Azazel? and a non crippled and bald Xavier) and how it being a prequel set in the 60's effects some of the characters in relation to the previous flicks (Emma Frost is a grown woman in this but a child in X-Men Origins:Wolverine and with Mystique being in this doesn't that mean she's 60ish in the first X-men movie and before you pass it off that her power keeps her young when she loses her powers in Last Stand she didn't turn all old a crinkly) but just try and keep you fan-boy rages in check and try not to think about it (it is Hollywood after all)  I've still got my fingers crossed this will turn out to be a fun picture despite it's flaws. 

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking however that considering reboots are ten a penny and that the last 2 films had turned the franchise sour why not just start again and give us a flick that is set in the 60's (which is one of the things the new flick has going for it) and featuring the X-men's original line up (even though all the original characters appeared in X-Men: Last Stand they didn't share any screen time one of many reasons that picture sucked) that is one reboot I could have (maybe) got behind.

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