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Friday, 11 February 2011


 Fantastic Four is being relaunched as the FUTURE FOUNDATION with Spider-Man filling the hot seat (I thank you) of the dearly departed Human Torch and for the first time in a long time Marvel is publishing a book I might actually go out and buy. (unless your a fan of Wolverine, Deadpool, the Avengers or Bendis it's been slim pickings over at the ''House of Ideas'' for over a decade now.)
It has to be noted that as sales of comics continues to nose dive the big 2 (Marvel/DC) seem happy to regurgitate the same old tired characters (Marvel will attempt yet another Moon Knight relaunch) rather than invest in something new and so 'retcons' are the the false economy with which these dinosaurs use to cling to what's left of the print market but the Future Foundation has two things going for it that have caught my attention
1. SPIDER-MAN, he is the perfect replacement for Johnny Storm in that he'll bring a light hearted comedic value to the book, also for me Spider-Man (like the FF) was always more about fun adventures rather than 'dark' violence orientated stories which is why I never got behind him being included in the Avengers and the direction those books have taken.(and despite the already notable fan-boy grumbles I like his new white costume but hope it is used just within the pages of FF.)
2. Check out the covers for the first issue of the Future Foundation, can you see what makes this different to 99% of every other superhero comic...look closely... the cast are SMILING (shock horror) that's right kids from what I can make out, with out actually having read the book it would seem that this re-boot is bucking the 'make it dark' trend that has blighted superhero comics for so long now and is putting the emphasis on adventure (something which has been sadly missing from regular comic tiles and relegated to the more child friendly books) and looks like having it's superheros be super and heroic.
Time will tell how well this book dose but I suspect that not before too long the FANTASTIC FOUR will return (probably in time for the upcoming film re-boot) but when it does I hope that Spider-Man (new costume and all) remains the fourth member and that the Future Foundation is something Marvel comics can build on and rediscover it's sense of adventure.

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