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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The HIT & MISS Adventures of WONDER WOMAN on Television

Although the new Wonder Woman TV show is dead in the water I'm sure it won't be to long before we see the pilot pop up online or as a one off TV 'special' but as someone pointed out NBC (who rejected it) where more than happy to produce the nostalgia mugging that was the Knight Rider remake so how bad could Wonder Woman really be.
It surly can't be as bad as the 1974 TV movie version starring Cathy Lee Cosby, who makes the Amazonian princess look like a 40 year desperate housewife.

Or how about this unaired 1967 version starring Ellie Wood Walker and produced by William Dozier
the man behind the Adam West, Batman series.

Basic story aside the biggest difficulty in adapting Wonder Woman is her costume, in the few released images from the new show Adrianne Palicki just came across like an angry stripper chasing after a guy who forgot to leave a tip.
When the costume was first revealed the immediate reaction was overwhelmingly negative with it quite rightly being compared to a cheep 'sexy Halloween' outfit, although the shows makers insisted that there would be 3 different versions (including the classic hot pants) of the much ridiculed get up which recent images have shown to be the case.
If they wanted to make her a strong super heroic figure they could have done worse and just used the costume Lois Lane wore in an episode of Smallville which served as a fan-boy tickling talking point and tip of the hat to the iconic super heroin. Erica Durance who played Lois Lane on Smallville also wore the unused 'new' costume on a recent episode of Harry’s Law.
The much loved (and rightly so) camp-fest that was the hit Lynda Carter version was an entertaining light hearted adventure romp that by today's standards wouldn't stand a chance against the baffling need for 'dark and gritty' superheros and the unrealistic expectations of blinkered pop culture tourists who mix up character and adventure with cartoon sex and violence and it is this which might be the real reason behind the failure of Wonder Woman 2011.

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