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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Top 5 Songs from Comic Book Films


5. PRINCE: Batdance (BATMAN 1988)
If you listen carefully enough you can almost hear the cries of derisory laughter at the sight of this much ridiculed tune. I agree the other Bat-flicks featured better tunes (Siouxsie and the Banshees, U2, Smashing Pumpkins) but the Batdance fight back starts here, BATDANCE FOR CHRISTMAS No.1, you love it.

4. ARTIST ?: Jaan Pehechaan Ho (GHOST WORLD)
Taken from the 1965 Indian filck Gumnaam, the song along with the actual footage appeared in the opening to the excellent Ghost World. I'm not sure who the top cat is that is doing the singing but if anyone dose let me know.

3. FOR LOVE NOT LISA: Slip Slide Melting (The CROW)
The Crow is easily one of the best Comic adaptations to hit the silver screen and this song perfectly fits it's striped down neo-monotone atmosphere. My only reservation about the film and it's soundtrack is that I count it as a starting point to Goth/Emo revival (Evervesance, etc) that sprung up 10 years or so after the movies 1994 release.

2.VELVET REVOLVER: Come on come in (Fantastic Four)
With Marvels back catalog leading the way in Superhero pictures it's hard to believe just how bad the Fantastic Four flicks turned out. But if they had any saving graces it would be that the first one featured this little beauty from Velvet Revolver on it's soundtrack and the sequel had a top notch Silver Surfer.

1.QUEEN: FLASH (Flash Gordon)
History has proven that this movie is everything a comic book/Sci-Fi adventure should be, colourful, loud and not at all embarrassed by it's source material which is exactly how you would describe the Queen soundtrack that accompanies it, 10/10.

And special mention goes to the Ramones and they're version of the Spider-Man theme why the goons who make these movies don't use this and persist with Nickleback and the like will continue to be a mystery.

RAMONES: Spider-Man.

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