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Saturday, 24 March 2012


When ever a character is taken from a comic book and plastered on the big screen the choice of lead is usually a good indicator as to how the flick will turn out. Some casting choices are spot on (Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman) and some are so far off the mark you wonder if the director really new anything about the character at all (Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan). This is a top 5 of actors I'd like to see cast in comic book flicks.

5. Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan.
I think if you ask most (if not all) Green Lantern fans this would have been their choice for the role. He has since voiced Jordan in the Justice League: Doom animated feature...

4. Emily Browning as Robin.
There have been a couple of Girl Wonders in comics and I think Browning has shown (was I the only person that enjoyed Sucker Punch?) she could succeed in bringing the character to the big screen.

3.Ryan Gosling as John Constantine.
Right now Gosling is the moody brooding king of Hollywood with the acting chops to back it up and so would be perfect for everyone's favorite supernatural detective. A lot of fan-boys place the stink of the Constantine flick square at the feet of Keanu Reeves personally I blame the hacks that made it, for me Reeves at least looked like he was trying which is more than anyone else involved in that picture can say.

2. Clint Eastwood as Judge Dredd.
There was never any chance of this ever happening (at any time) in the real world but the idea of Dirty Harry taking the law to the streets of Mega City 1 would have been as close to perfect as it's possible to get after all isn't Dredd just Harry in a costume any way...

1. Al Pacino as Jack Kirby.
I recently read Mark Evanier's book 'Kirby: King of Comics' and after it I couldn't help think that Kirby's life was an Oscar winning movie waiting to happen with a worthy actor like Pacino playing the role of one of the all time great American artists and contributors to modern popular culture.

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