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Thursday, 31 May 2012


Between all the trailers, clips, behind the scenes footage and virals  I feel I've already watched Prometheus (or at the very least enough to hazard a good guess as to how it will play out) and I'm still not that jazzed about it. No matter what they want to call it to me it's tainted with the dreaded 'prequel' tag which is enough to turn Ridley Scott's return to Sci-Fi (which should have the effect of an over enthusiastic chestbuster) into cinematic Kryptonite. 
As good as all the hype has been there doesn't seem to be anything 'new' about it. The trailer even copies the Alien tension building sound effect, what a cheek. In 1979 Star Wars ruled the Sci-Fi roost with every studio trying it's damnedest to emulate it then along came Alien and offered something different replacing lightsabers with cobbled together flame throwers and adventure with horror. Taking  his ques form movies like 2001, Silent Running and Darkstar, Scott put Sci-Fi into the real world. The ship looked real, used, dirty and it's crew looked 'real', used and dirty which is where Prometheus falls flat everything about it is too good looking from the cast to the special effects.There's no way this flick take place before Alien.

 Days of Future Past.

When comparing trailers 33 years later Alien still looks fresh and exciting even for a picture I've seen countless times it still looks like it holds some surprises I wonder how well Prometheus will be remembered 3 years from now I expect the same way Tron:Legacy measures up to Tron...

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