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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

TOP 5 Good things in Bad movies part 2

 Even in the worst Hollywood slag heep there are gems that shine through and make you wonder 'what if....'
 Click here for a look at part 1.

5. Sucker Punch 'set pieces'
Sucker Punch should have been a fun live action anime but instead it was hopelessly ruined by the 'dark/gritty' virus that has infected Hollywood, at least we have glimpses of what could have been in the action set pieces, World War II bombers, fire breathing Dragons, Robots, Steam Punk soldiers, Battle Suits, Giant Samurai Warriors..... that'll do pig, that'll do...

4. Judge Dredd: Mean Angel
The only way to make him more perfect would have been to make him the movies number 1 bad guy...

3. The Spirit: Gabriel Macht
This flick is a guilty pleasure and I regularly watch and enjoy it even though I know it's terrible, but it has a top notch leading man who was perfect for the roll if only it had had a better director and script...

2. Scary Movie 2: Chris Elliot as Hanson the Caretaker.
These flicks are awful but the second Scary Movie does have it's fair share of laughs thanks mostly to Elliot.

 1. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: The Fleischer inspired robots.
This should have been the absolute definition of a 'boys own adventure' and if it wasn't for the week jawed Jude Law perhaps it could have been. It still has some great visual moments particularly the giant robots  which where based on the 1941 Max Fleischer cartoon 'Superman and the Mechanical Monsters'

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