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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Stan Lee's 'To Whom It May Concern' letter to Steve Ditko...

'To Whom It May Concern' (Nov.1999)
This is a copy of the letter Stan lee gave to Steve Ditko 'confirming' Ditko's part in the creation of the Amazing Spider-Man. Ditko rejected the letter as wholy unacceptable and Lee still fefuses to come flat out and give Ditko his deserved credit (as seen in the excellent documentary In Search of Steve Ditko)

 'What Ever Happened to Common Sense?' (July. 1999)
These strips are Ditko's personal veiw of his relationship with Lee which are typical of the Ayn Randian streams of consciousness that fill his later career, all of which where reprinted in STEVE DITKO'S 32-PAGE PACKAGE (Vol.5 in the Ditko Package Series)

'Why Do Some People Seek the Unearned...' (Nov. 1999)

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