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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

the ROBOCOP remakes SIZZLE REEL: a closer look at a film you won't like.....

This clip has everyone involved trying desperately trying to convince people, invertors (and themselves) that this flick will be anywhere near as good as the original sure it'll rake in the cash but just like Tron legacy, Total Recall and every other remake before it, it'll will quickly be forgotten only ever referred to with the phrase " was alright but I prefer the original"...

RoboCop - Featurette Concept-Art Licensing... by Lyricis

RoboCop - Featurette Concept-Art Licensing... by Lyricis

...and with the metalic suit and one human hand does anyone eles see a resemblance to Quicksilver of the Silver Hawks cartoon?

1 comment:

  1. They should leave it alone! The originla was awesome. On a different note, there is a woman who works in Wagamammas on St Vincent Street who looks like Murphy's partner, Lewis. Uncanny resemblance!