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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

BEING HUMAN American remake......?

When it comes to Sci-Fi and fantasy TV shows America always held the advantage over British efforts because they could afford the budgets to fully realize them but every now and then Britain (particularly between the 1960's & 70's) would produce shows which where superior in ideas and imagination to their more flashy American cousins. A recent example of this is BBC3's BEING HUMAN, the story of a Vampire, a Werewolf and a Ghost who all share a flat on a normal street in a normal town and how they deal with their individual 'situations' while trying to lead normal lives. It's a simple premise which works because it's well written and well acted so doesn't have to rely on special FX to drive the stories as that is left to who the characters are and NOT what they are (this also means that when used the FX are far more effective). So when I found out it was to be shown in America on SyFy channel I was pleased to see another distinctly British show, just like Dr. Who being sold to a bigger audience, that was until I saw the trailer only to see that what will be shown is an American remake. This is very disappointing especially as the American version, by the looks of the trailer seems to be nothing more than another formulaic schedule filler in the same vain as shows like The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Here's the trailer for the remake (which amusingly anounces it's self as an 'original' program) and a trailer for the original series which I've just discovered was being shown on BBC America, so the choice is yours, I know which one I'll be watching.

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