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Monday, 15 November 2010


This is the original prologue from the 1977 novelization of STAR WARS which Lucas claims is from the ''First Saga, Journal of the Whills'' (which I doubt was ever as planed out as he has often claimed). In my opinion this page and a half lays out a clear and simple plot that completely removes the necessity of the dire prequels. If only I had gotten hold of this before Phantom Menace came out I could have saved spending my time and money helping Lucas ruin my childhood. On the up side though, dig that cover art work, pure class.

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  1. I found the Prologue when I was eight, in 1979, and I loved Star Wars and eps 5 and 6 up until 1983. From 1979 onwards I was totally, totally looking forward to seeing the Prologue involved in the prequel movies. And it totally was. Lucas totally delivered this and stuck to what I imagined it might be from 1979....... Whilst I totally understand your comment about "clear and simple plot" in the Prologue and the criticism that the prequels weren't clear and simple, I don't understand the rest. You say "Journal of the Whills" was never planned out. Do you mean written up? What does he claim? As far as I know, he has explained that originally he had the idea of the Whills being chroniclers and higher beings, but couldn't fit it into the story. There is more to it, but basically he has admitted that he dropped it, but isn't concerned with whether it's canon now or not. I see nothing wrong with the Prologue as far as the Whills are concerned and don't understand what your comment was meant to mean - apart from to just say George lied and confused and misled. In all honesty I can understand you being disappointed with the prequels. To me, I loved the fact that i was able to see "The Prologue" put onto the screen in rough shape or form ! Even if the films weren't as entertaining as I would have liked, I'm glad he stuck to the story he wanted to tell.