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Saturday, 23 July 2011


Here are the individual character posters for the Avengers flick (although as you can tell by the banner image the Hulk and Thor have still to be released). Apart from Iron-Man the costumes are more in line with the Ultimate comics version rather than the classic Marvel but I'd put money on an Ultimate Iron-Man suit appearing at some point. The use of the Ultimate costumes doesn't really come as a great shock when you consider Sam Jackson was cast as Nick Fury (who the Ultimate Nick Fury was modeled on) and although they're not every bodies cup o tea I dig them and think they look great. (if you've seen the post credits  Captain America 'Avengers trailer' you'll know that Thor also sports a more Ultimate's looking costume.)
I really dig how they have designed Cap's mask and it makes me wonder why it took so long for the Batman movies to figure out how to give him a costume in which he could move his head.

I like the Hawkeye costume (especially the SHEILD badge) but it would have been cool to see him wear some sort of mask.

And if the wait is just to much for you check out the Ultimate Avengers animated movie.

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  1. There's a sequel to the animated movie also!