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Sunday, 24 July 2011


With the imminent release of the Star Wars flicks on Blu-Ray I urge you NOT to buy them, seriously is it worth lining Lucas's wallet one more time for movies you've already bought 2 or 3 times before for the sake of deleted scenes and 'extras' you can easily watch on You Tube.

I loved Star Wars when I was growing up and still get a kick out of watchin' Star Wars, Empire and Jedi but after the prequels and the endless milking with special editions (with ridiculous added CGI)  over merchandising, ,cartoons etc etc etc etc etc etc..... it's time to say enough is enough. And remember kids no matter what the ''official'' line is and no matter what George Lucas would rather you'd believe, Han 'ALWAYS' shoots first. 

The Not Quite Complete Star Wars Blu Ray SAGA

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