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Friday, 1 July 2011


MAD MAX, a mixture of Vanishing Point and Clint Eastwood's, 'Man with no name' they embody a celluloid equivalent of punk and a ''no future'' style of film making. Just like punk however after the peak came a disappointing decline, if Mad Max is the Stooges and Road Warrior is the Clash then Thunder Dome is surly Sigue Sigue Sputnik but then who doesn't dig a bit of Love Missile F1-11 now and then.
A forth film (Fury Road) is planned with Tom Hardy playing Max which I don't have high hopes for even though George Miller will be directing the idea of a sequel almost 30 years after the last installment (33 since the original) reeks.
A 4th Mad Max is akin to your favorite band reforming for an all seater arena tour as excited as you may be about it, it'll never be as good as when you crowd surfed at their gig in the Barrowland all those years ago.

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