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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

ELVIS PRESLEY: the other King of Comics...

The biggest influence on Elvis Presley as a child was the young super hero Captain Marvel Jr. (aka Freddy Freeman) who's power was be bestowed up on him by a magic bolt of lightening.
The book Elvis & Gladys (1985) cites the story which had the profoundest effect on him as 'Atlantis Rises Again' that appeared in issue 10 of 'the Marvel Family' (published by Fawcett Comics, 1947) in which Captain Marvel Jr. travels to the 13000th Century and explains to a inhabitant of the future the importance of keeping his secret identity.

Elvis & Gladys author Elaine Dundy claims through this comic Elvis (apparently) aware that he was destined for greatness learned he "must be constantly on his guard against declaring himself to anyone, for if his outrageous secret were known, he would no longer be the most Powerful Boy in the World.". Regardless of the validity of these precognitive claims it can't be denied that the influence of Captain Marvel Jr. can be clearly seen through out the career of the King of Rock&Roll from his hair style to  the capes he would later wear to the lightening bolt T.C.B logo which he used to unite his own band of side kicks.

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