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Monday, 18 June 2012

TOP 5: REMAKES...ooft.

Before Judy Garland went over the rainbow there had already been 4 (or 5) versions of Wizard of Oz put to celluloid so remakes are no stranger to the big screen. Indeed some times, as is the case with John Carpenter's the Thing (1982) they are superior to the original (the Thing from Another World, 1951) using creativity to make something 'new' but Hollywood has slowly perfected the art of replacing creativity with Pop Culture brand recognition in order to turn a profit (because that's all that really matters kids) as the instantly forgettable the Thing (2011) illustrates. It could be argued that the ongoing trend for selling nostalgia trips began with with Tim Burton's Batman (1989) which was seen in the popular press more as a remake of the 1960's TV show than an adaptation of the comic (original casting had Bill Murry up for the title role) it also developed the 'dark & gritty' formula that has been the bane of such flicks ever since.(the Bay Effect)
 But what modern remakes (1989-present) are worth wasting your time and money on....

5. DUKES of HAZZARD (2005)
I'm possibly the only person on the face of the planet that actually likes this flick but as a massive fan of the original TV show it's hard to imagine what it's critics where expecting as it's pretty much the same story line (and standard of acting) as every other episode that appeared on television. Replace Jessica Simpson, get rid of the General Lee origin schtick and have the entire movie revolve around having to win the race to save Hazzard county and you've got some good ol'e solid gold. Plus this chase and the jump it ends with are just pure gallus with not a hint of CGI which is unusual for a movie made in 2005.

4. 21 JUMP STREET (2012):
This is more a parody than a remake that least has the decency to be funny making it worth while.

3. HAIRSPRAY (2007):
The musical version of the John Waters original is a cracking flick, and just like the original gets two thumbs up.

The Addams Family (1991) was a faithful and sincere adaptation but it's sequel managed to build and improve not only on the first flick but on the source materiel itself .

1. STAR TREK (2009):
I was never a big fan of Kirk & Co but the 2009 version defies all the odds and comes up smiling. Not only was this flick a remake of a TV show and a reboot of a movie franchise it was also a prequel and technically a sequel. It's just a pity that in constructing a solid base for completely new stories and adventures the first thing the fans scream out for in it's sequel is 'KHANNNNN...'

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