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Sunday, 10 June 2012


 This is my list of bad boys with hearts of gold....

5. Dae-su Oh (Oldboy,2003)
A man who's only motivation is revenge on the men who have wronged him and possibly (probably) those responsible for the Hollywood remake....

4. JACK BURTON (Big Trouble in Little China,1986)
there are a few contenders in the Comedy anti-hero stakes with The Bandit and Dr.Venkman coming close but both are left eating dirt by the Pork Chop Express and her sadly under used owner....

3. Max Rockatansky (Mad Max,1979)
What I like most about Max is that his character rarely uses a gun and is not defined by the body count he leaves behind him unlike the ultra violent Anti heroes he would go on to inspired.

2. The STRANGER (High Plains Drifter,1973)
A super natural twist on Eastwood's earlier 'Man with No Name' character The Stranger is amoral, self serving and exists only to bring Hell on Earth (literally) to the inhabitants of the town of Largo... 

1. KOWALSKI (Vanishing Point,1971)
The last American hero.....nuff said.

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