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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Coca-Cola's Collaboration with the Nazis

Part of a documentary by the comedian Mark Thomas. 


  1. I remember reading about this years ago. Other shit from them is using ML Kings inage in an ad campaign about unity and coke. The reality is that ML King used to protest outside their plants as they originally wouldn't hire blacks and then when they did they couldn't rise abouve the basic entrance level. MLKs family hassled them and they then withdrew the ad.
    A blatant attemnpt at rewriting history.
    In an area in India they have depleted the underground springs and fucked the farmland for miles around the plants, they also pumped so many contaminates into the loceal area that kids skin was pealing from their bodies after coming in contact with it.
    Hmmmmm. What else.
    South American union member shot in head and murdered in the actual plant while working on the production line, others dragged out of their homes and beaten in the streets by paramilitaries all for the benefit for Coca Cola although they claim it is nothing to do with them.
    I don't let their shit past my lips if I can help it.

  2. Christ. Check the spelling in that.