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Friday, 18 March 2011


There's a lot of a movin' and a shakin' in Hollywood right now and most of it looks like nothing more than a waste of time and millions (and millions) of dollars. Here is a quick run down of what I see is the top of the crap heap.

5. The 'new' Charlies Angels TV series: Man alive, is there anyone out there who thinks this won't be anything less than garbage. click here for more info.

4. D.J. Caruso gears up to direct PREACHER: there is no way in hell this will work out. This is an interview for his latest flick Number 4, he starts talking about Preacher 2mins in let me know what you think

3. Movies that describe themselves as 'the female Hangover':  So far we have 2 contenders Bridesmaids and the upcoming Desperados the Hangover was OK but it is no way a comedy yardstick this type of advertising reeks of lazy unimaginative marketing departments.

2. David Slade to reboot Daredevil: Say what you want about the Ben Afleck movie but I thought it was a good enough superhero flick but there's money in them Marvel hills especially with the mighty Avengers on the horizon so just like the Hulk, Spider-man and the soon to be Fantastic Four reboots of recent Marvel projects are as inevitable as they are unnecessary (no matter how bad the first attempts are). Click here for more info.

1. Aronofsky ditches 'THE WOLVERINE': There are a lot of theories why the director who's last project Black Swan received rave critical reviews and Oscar recognition doesn't want to follow it up with a crap sequel to a crap prequel to a franchise that had already shot it's self in the foot with a Ratner shaped bullet but I'm sure he has his reasons. click here for more info.

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  1. Hope they keep the Armadillo fucking scene in Preacher