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Saturday, 5 March 2011

"SUPER" trailer.

 Here's the trailer for the newest post modern 'super hero'(?) flick SUPER. I've been really looking forward to seeing this flick for a while now and I've also been waiting for the Kick-Ass comparisons and sure enough their coming thick and fast. There have been a fair few ironic super-hero pictures (Mystery Men, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Watchmen...) all with the remit of ''what if superhero's existed in like, you know...the real world with like you know the same problems as like- ordinary-people-do?, you know?" all working with varying degrees of success but each with a knowing glint clouding their X-ray vision and undoubtedly Kick-Ass takes the mantle as this sub-genres top dog (although I would include Christopher Nolan's Bat flicks it the same category) and I doubt Super has the chops to come near to knocking it off but it dose look a bit more 'honest' (and funnier) in its intentions than Kick-Ass which as an adaptation of a comic book has all the Biff Bam trimmings that they inherently come with.

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