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Tuesday, 8 March 2011


At last the second issue of the £2 thrill spectacular that is SCHEME COMIX is cocked, locked and ready to rock and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my dirty dozen for all their individual efforts....QUE THE CREDITS......................
to all the illustrators;
Kev Harper, Joy Harper, Ella Harper, Joseph Linton, David William Wallace, Thomas Crines and Number Six.
to the writers;
David Walker, Chris Davies, Sharon Irvine (Drip Tray) and Louise C. Davies (Spinal Lou),
and Mick Reilly for taking care of the printing.
Love and Karma to one and all. x
I'll be posting up a list of outlets where you can get your copies (the always wonderful Go Slow Cafe on Vicky Rd. in Glasgow will defiantly be carrying it) or you can buy direct just get in touch with us at and pay using PayPal (plus postage).
A special mention goes out to Shona and Penny (the real life Space Kittens)
And a final thank you to all who have supported Scheme and made the first issue such a success which in turn made the second issue possible, my lords and ladies we salute you. Now, BRING THE NOISE......

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  1. Cannae wait to get my paws on the new issue!