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Friday, 12 August 2011


I can't stress enough how much of a rip off this box set is, $89.99 for three awful movies you'll never watch (the prequels) and three that have been tampered with to the point you almost struggle to remember what you loved about them in the first place, but the thing that bother's me most  is the use of the word 'Complete'.
You will no doubt already know about the 'extras' that the 'Complete' saga comes with, a few back slapping documentaries and deleted scenes freely available on You-Tube all of which fall embarrassingly (although not for Luca$) short of completing anything. For me to even consider purchasing these disks it would need to include the following (regardless of whether Lucas likes them or not)

1. The STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL: and if not the whole thing then give us the animated short featuring Boba Fett (which was his first ever appearance)

2. Both the Ewok flicks (Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor)

3. A documentary on the animated Star Wars adventures: This would look at the cartoons Droids, Ewoks and the Clone Wars and would include pilot episodes and an insight into how these fit into the bigger picture (this could also have dealt with comics, novels and games)

4. Original non Special Edition versions of the original trilogy.

My love of Star Wars hasn't totally dried up but my blind childhood loyalty definitely has, and is it just me that thinks putting 'Annie' Skywalker on the cover is not the best way of appealing to fans who might still be on the fence about buying this hack job.

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