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Friday, 5 August 2011

Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant - Clip 1

Here is the short Marvel: One Shot featuring Agent Coulson that will be available on the Thor Blu-Ray. As I have been pretty much ignoring the bulk of Marvel comics for a good while now, let me know if the ''Consultant'' refares to anyone in particular in the Marvel Universe or is this how Hank Pym will get his introduction to the 'Avengers' franchise?

Much love to Joe 'Nightwing' MacDonald for the link.


  1. He's referring to Tony Stark. It's talking about the scene at the end of The Incredible Hulk (Ed Nortons movie), where Tony Stark approaches General Ross at the end with discussions for a "Team" they're putting together.

  2. I see what your saying but because this will feature on the Thor dvd I think it's set at the time of that movie and with the ANT-MAN flick in the works that's what makes me think they might be talking about Pym.