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Friday, 5 August 2011

SCHEME 9's How to fix a Sequel No.1: BLADE TRINITY

It's generally accepted that where bigger budget more star studded comic book flicks failed, Blade more than succeeded. Then for it's sequel with arguably even less star power it pulled a master stroke by being directed by del Torro which resulted in a cracking picture which again made it more than a match for the more high profile Marvel properties (Sam Reimi's Spiderman was released the same year) but when it came to the 3rd installment the day walking vamp just plain...sucked (I thank you).

the SCHEME 9 fix.......

Two words.......GHOST.....RIDER.  In the comics Blade was a regular guest in Ghostrider (Midnight Sons makes more sense as a title but Spirits of Vengeance sounds a lot cooler) so having the characters meet on the big screen makes sense also in my opinion the Ghostrider character doesn't really work as a Hollywood 'star' attraction (as the Nic Cage flick proved) but team him up with the number 1 vampire hunter (I'd also include Hannibal King) and pit them against an army of demons (not Vampires) led by Dracula (the Marvel version as seen in the Tomb of Dracula comics where Blade made his first appearance.)
Have del Torro return as director and that is big screen comic book gold.

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