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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


New images from the set of the the new Superman flick have been released and they give a better look at the new (trunkless) suit and I have to admit that despite my original misgivings it looks great. They obviously took their ques from the abandoned JJ Abrahams designs.

The only thing that still bugs me is as with the Superman Returns costume they have left out one of my favorite details of any superhero costume, the yellow shield on the back of his cape. it's a small gripe but the devil is always in the detail.
click here for more images.

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  1. Actually, yes it was that bad. it was way too dark, it doesn't feel as superman without the traditional outfit. Luckily, they story line for the sequel, the alien outfit, it will get wrecked and ruined in the movie and Martha Kent will be making a new suit for him, and hopefully, I am hoping they'll bring back that outfit. It's iconic, it's the most famous image, it's legendary. And most of all, UNIVERSAL. How the heck do you think it been around for the past many decades? Out of all the different outfits that came and gone in the comics in the past, there is only ONE outfit that has stood against the test of time and survived. And even to this day, according to DC's successful series title "Adventures of Superman", that classic outfit (let alone the most iconic persona of what he is all about and everything he stands for) is very much alive and well. And that says a LOT.
    Few examples for ideas: